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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott

This was the first book for my book club. According to the reviews brilliantly captures the dilemma of a divorced woman from the so-called "sandwich generation" in her latest, a funny, poignant and occasionally gut-wrenching novel that tracks the efforts of Mattie Ryder to cope with her divorce, find a new man, deal with her mother's aging and restore the emotional equilibrium of her two young children.
Mostly it was irratating. Mattie is a perfect size twelve for Sears. That is her "job". She doesn't let her mother sell the family home so she can move into it. There are rats in the walls and the exterminator sent to get rid of them finds he doesn't have the stomach to kill them. (The company sends someone else.) The whole first half of the story is somewhat jumbled and I really wanted to smack the main character frequently. There is one character who seems to be a voice of reason, but isn't in the book often enough. Mattie reminded me of a modern day Scarlett O'Hara. (Which for the record, I have only gotten to chapter 3 of Gone With the Wind because she was whiney.)
Interestingly, all 8 of us in the book club disliked the book in various degrees. Two of us, the hostess and myself, couldn't bear to finish it. We were told the end, which seemed a bit forced and trite. The one plus for the book is that Lamott is incredibly good at descriptions. They are clever and very vivid. But overall, I would say a pass on the Blue Shoe.
We were told by one woman in my group that she was disappointed in Lamott's fiction. She had read some non-fiction works by Lamott that she said are really thought-provocting.


  • I have to agree with that woman in your group. I love Anne Lamott's nonfiction books but am always a little disappointed in her fiction.

    By Blogger mr. gregg, at 10:37 AM  

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