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Friday, March 24, 2006

Maybe a Miracle by Brian Strause

While sneaking out to get high before his senior prom, Monroe Anderson discovers his little 11-year-old sister Annika floating face down in their swimming pool. He jumps in to save her and manages to restore her breathing, but she is left in a coma. Soon miracles seemingly begin occurring around her: the face of Jesus appears on the hospital wall, rose petals rain down from the sky, and Annika begins displaying stigmata on her body. She soon inspires pilgrimages and visits from the sick and grieving seeking healing in her presence. Monroe’s mother turns their home into a religious shrine for the comatose girl. His workaholic father grows increasingly distant. Monroe struggles to make sense of all the craziness and stay connected to the little sister he has always known and loved.

This was a fairly interesting novel. It kept me wondering what was going to happen and often surprised me.


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